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Associate Phaco & Vitrectomy Twin Pump System


- Dual System: Phaco and Vitrectomy.

- Twin pump system: Peristaltic and Venturi.

- High vacuum occlusion technology for capsular protection & ensures intraocular stability for Phaco surgeries.

- Prepared for the future of Laser Phaco and Vitrectomy.

- Colour touch-screen, wireless remote & voice confirmation.

- One cartridge use for both Peristaltic and Venturi aspiration mode.

- Self-cleaning mode after surgery and self- priming before surgery.

- Phaco Emulsification / Fragmentation (Phaco/Vitrectomy).

- Irrigation / Aspiration mode.

- Triple-Port Fiber Optic Illuminator.

- High Speed Vitrectomy with 100 - 1,500 cuts per minute.

- Air-Fluid exchange mode.

- Viscous Fluid Injection & Extraction mode.

- Diathermy mode.

- Wide ranges of disposable and reusable accessories.

- Handpiece, universal, made of titanium, featherlight weight for both Phaco & Vitrectomy.

- Easy set-up and user friendly.

- Able to store doctor’s memory up to 16 setting each for both Venturi & Peristaltic mode.

- Audio assistant Equip with auto infusion pole (Optional).

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