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CryoStar Cryosurgical Unit


- Mainly used to treat / repair retinal detachment.

- ‘Retina’ is the nerve layer at the back of eye.

- Retina detachment is caused by disease or injury, it will cause the loss of sight and eventually blindness.
By procedure, doctors will inject gas into the eye to push the retina tear back against the wall followed by use of Cryo to freeze and seal the retina back to the wall.


- Electric driven (fast freezing / defrost cycle).

- On screen digital display.

- By timing, durable of probe in the eye.

- Built in gas tank icon to show tank capacity.

- Audio.

- System status icon.

- Tip freging indicator.

- Wide ranges of improved probes for Retina, Cataract & etc. Probes are lightweight and made of Titanium.

- Automatic purging, ensure internal clearing of residue moisture.

- Easy to change probe when required.

- User friendly.
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