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Gynae Chair or Couch Mounting

Mobile Stand Mounting

Standard Features include :-

- Working distance 250mm or 300mm.
- Interchangeable objective lenses.
- 3 or 5 steps magnification or zoom.
- Coaxial Halogen Illumination 12V / 100W (Direct) or 15V / 150W upon request.
- Equipped with a stand-by spare lamp.
- Swing-in green filter.
- Motorised zoom and focusing options are available upon request.

Accessories include :-

- Integrated Video Camera "Vision" (1/4" CCD Colour Video Camera)
- Photo/Video Documentation (Beam Splitter, TV-Tube)
- Second Observer Attachments (monocular or binocular)
- Adapted to accommodate a Laser System

Please contact us for more information.
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